Greenwich Rabbit Rescue



Aggression, can be inbreed or caused by hormones, or fear. The rabbit may grunt, lunge or bite you or another rabbit. Sexual maturity in rabbits can cause changes including aggression associated with a false pregnancy in a doe. Does can be very territorial over their hutches and run and grunt at you for putting your hand in their cage even if its just to feed them .Aggression in males is to do with mating rights and whos better. Two males very rarely get on once they reach maturity. If you neuter as soon as the rabbits are old enough this will help greatly. Pain can cause a rabbit to bite as well and this you may expect.Fear can sometimes be caused by the rabbit not having the correct handling when young, he will then be scared of the human contact. Handiling should start when then leave the nest at three weeks old and continue till they go to a new home. Inherited aggression is harder to cure.If your breeding rabbits both parents should be friendly animals. The doe will teach her young to be aggressive and fearfull. Food aggression can be eased by making sure your rabbit always has hay to eat at all times so hes not hungrey. Adding more than one bowel of food may help as well. Agreat deal of time and effort may be needed to bring a rabbit round but as metioned spaying and castration done eary can help a great deal.