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You will no doubt know when your piggie is unwell, the signs to look for are many.                        
 refusal to eat anything
weight loss
trouble breathing                                                                                        
Unable to pass urine                                             
Blood in urine
Bleeding from any area
Limping, hopping
Hair loss, excessive scratching
Loss of balance
wheezing coughing
any bald patches
sore eyes
wet eyes or swollen
big tummy thats hard to the touch
dull eyes
wet chin
no droppings
diarrhea [ of any kind]




                                        MALE PIG

photos taken at the rescue


Neutering your guinea pig

Getting your pig castrated means you can pair him with a female or several females. This must be done by a good vet. Small animals are harder to keep under and you need a vet skilled in doing small animals. There are good vets around the country on another page. Ive never found a vet wanting to spay a female pig as it would be very tricky because of their size.

The boars op is very straight forward and he should recovery very quickly.


Heatstroke KILLS.If your piggie is out in the sun or the  cage is in full sun overheating will occur.

 First, move them to a cooler location and offer them room temperature water (drinking cold water can cause a system shock that will kill them, just as it can in humans). Dip their limbs in cool, but not cold, water, and wrap cool, damp cloths closely around the body. 


Hay mites cannot be avoided as they come in on bedding.Some pigs dont seem to be troubled by them and others are very prone to large numbers. The mites cannot be seen by the naked eye. The first thing you will see is scratching and then dandruff .Later they will loose hair and sometimes make themselves bleed with the constant scratching.This if left can get very bad and it can lead to seizures so early treatment is called for
They are easily treated.If its caught very early then over the counter drops can be used, but if advanced then go to the vet for injections of Ivamectin.

 Lice on piggies can be seen ,they are somtimes called walking dandruff because thats what they look like. They are easily treated by the vet


Bumble foot is an extremely painful infection of the pad on the underside of the foot. The pad is swollen  In severe cases, the piggie may not want to move, be depressed, and may go off his food. If the bone becomes infected and can cause an abccess, the leg may need to be surgically removed.  
Left untreated it can cause death. It is very  difficult to cure.Check your pig your pet regularly to catch problems early. A vet should be consulted and treatment given. Treatment will be very long term so every effort should be made to prevent it happening.This complaint is often caused by not enough bedding , wet bedding dirty bedding.
 photos taken at the rescue                 

Piggies need lots of vit c as they cannot store it in their bodys. This is the main reason for feeding a good quality g/ pig food and veg. If they dont get enogh they will loose weight and condition, and their limb joints become enlarged and painfull. They will become lame and die. First treatment will be 100 mg vitamin c in the form of drops given by mouth. Adjust their diet.

These are most often mites, lice,or fungus and should be treated by your vet.
Baldness is common in pregnant sows or pigs just having given birth, possable due to the hormone change, it will grow back.


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